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About us

We are a dynamic and multifaceted group consisting of athletes, sport scientists, engineers, and developers. Our collective effort revolves around a shared vision: empowering individuals to monitor and enhance their performance within a muscle building, weight lifting or condition workout. Every day, we work tirelessly towards this ultimate objective. We combine the dedication, exertion, and passion of a semi-professional athlete with the expertise of certified strength and conditioning coaches and the technical skills of biomechanic engineers. Our ultimate aim is to provide athletes and trainers with a deeper understanding of their efforts, enabling them to optimize their training and achieve greater efficiency in their workouts. We accompany you to the gym, supporting you throughout your peak performance moments by capturing your speed in real-time. We enhance your power and provide motivation when you feel defeated. We refocus your attention on proper exercise techniques when you push yourself too hard.
We diligently track your efforts and reveal the results of your hard work, even when they may go unnoticed by you. In essence, our goal is to help you maximize your workout with grace and effectiveness. Above all, we want you to enjoy the process. We strive to make it easier for you to perform at your best. We serve as a reminder of why you train, enabling you to simply do it. We want to join your team and become your favorite training partner, supporting you through every single repetition!