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Boost your Motivation
Monitor your performance rep by rep in real time on your smartphone screen and witness the progress you're making.
Adapt your Lifting to Daily Conditions
Break free from fixed set and rep schemes and let your current shape and performance guide you towards the optimal loads for your training session.
Optimize your Strength Training
With the Liftify sensor, you'll benefit from its understanding of your athletic profile, as it guides you toward the optimal training zone to achieve your goals.
Track Your Lifts
All your lifting data is collected and stored in the Liftify Webportal, the most advanced performance-based training diary designed specifically for weightlifting
The Liftify sensor becomes your ultimate training companion, utilizing data to construct your athletic profile and provide you with relevant information rooted in sports science. This data-driven approach is essential in helping you reach your training goals faster. By accurately measuring metrics such as Power, Speed, and Force using advanced accelerometer technology, you'll receive instant feedback on the quality of your workout, ensuring you consistently perform at your best. With easy-to-understand metrics, you can fine-tune your workouts to align with your goals and adapt your training loads based on your daily conditions. This helps prevent injuries and overtraining, guaranteeing that you're always pushing yourself to the maximum during every training session. The Liftify sensor keeps you continuously striving for your personal best, regardless of your fitness journey.
Package contains:
• 1x Lifify sensor
• 1x Belt
• 1x user manual
• 1x micro-USB charging cable